It's loo-king so good for inventor David

A REVOLUTIONARY new device invented by Mirfield man David Wilks scooped a top award at the British Invention Show in London.

And the 52-year-old, who lives in Calder Road in Lower Hopton, now has plans to take his Interflush system to the Caribbean.

The device fits on to any toilet and because it only flushes water while the handle is pressed, the amount of water used can be controlled by the user.

At last month's British Invention Show, where he competed alongside 150 other inventors from across the UK, he won the judge's award and his device was praised as being the biggest water saving device in years.

Now David hopes his invention will be well received in places such as Jamaica and Cuba, where there is a chronic water shortage.

"They need to save all the water they can," he added.

"We are all gearing up to market the device in these countries as we believe the market is right."

The device saves 47 per cent of the water usually used in the flush and can save each household 50 a year in water bills.

David, who is being backed by West Yorkshire Ventures - part of Business Link - said his product could be ordered via the internet at