"I'm trembling": 84-year-old Mirfield resident 'pressured' into giving man £100

Jackroyd Lane in Upper Hopton, Mirfield. Credit: Google Street View.
Jackroyd Lane in Upper Hopton, Mirfield. Credit: Google Street View.

An 84-year-old pensioner from Upper Hopton has been left shaken up after handing over £100 to a door-to-door salesman.

The woman, who didn't want to be named, said that a door-to-door salesman came to her house late this morning (Wednesday) and charged her £100 for six cheap-looking cleaning items.

These six cleaning items cost the victim 100.

These six cleaning items cost the victim 100.

"I can't believe I've done it," she said, "He came to the door and he was so nice and I handed it over straight away without really thinking about it much.

“I handed him £50 for the things and he said that he wanted another £50, so I told him I would have to go upstairs for my money and left him at the door. I can’t believe I did that because he could have followed me up.

“I’ve got plenty of cleaning things and I’ve got absolutely no need for them at all.

“I feel so shaken up, I’m all trembling. I just can’t believe I’ve done that and I’m scared that I’ve told him my money is kept upstairs.

“I’m 84 years old now and I don’t remember things well anymore. I just can’t believe I handed over all that money.”

A neighbour who cares for the victim, Carol McKeown, posted a photograph of the items on local community Facebook group Mirfield Matters and attracted dozens of messages claiming sightings.

One concerned Facebook user claimed that the man had asked her 'whereabouts elderly people lived', while another said he had shown her a wedge of cash and was told that 'he'd had a good day'.

“We try to keep an eye out for people entering her drive because she is quite vulnerable," Carol said, "We do some of her shopping for her and things like that but I missed this chap."

Other neighbours around the victim's house were not approached by the man, sparking fears that the 84-year-old was deliberately targeted.

“She says she’d just been out feeding the birds so I think she may have been targeted.

“It sounds as though he was very pushy. He told her that one of her neighbours had said to call and when she asked whether it was Carol he said yes, then he said that if he sold six items he’d get a bonus. He was obviously deliberately tricking her.

“She was in tears when I went round and very shaken up but she’s calmed down now. At least she’s safe, but that’s an awful lot of money to her.”

The man was wearing some form of ID but didn't disclose where he was from to the woman. He is thought to be in his early thirties and was carrying a large blue bag.