I’m back in the saddle for fun!

Maggie and Bliss.
Maggie and Bliss.

It’s taken five months and we’ve been round the arena a dizzying 2,444 times but we’ve done it!

And our money-spinning equivalent coast-to-coast horse ride has raised more than £500 for the Reporter Series Fund.

I decided back in May to ride the equivalent distance between St Bees in the west and Robin Hood’s Bay on the east coast on my Welsh Section D Maggie to raise money for our fund.

So come rain or shine – and we’ve had plenty of both – we’ve been out in the arena doing roughly 20 laps before work and more at weekends to cover the 330kms needed.

Maggie – whose stud name is Ristol Cardi Princess – has been a most willing partner, and has also managed to fit in a few shows while we’ve been totting up the kilometers.

It’s obviously kept her fit as she’s had some excellent wins and taken several championships at major shows this summer!

Since last month she’s had some help from our new Connemara pony, Spinway Bliss, who despite only just being broken in has weighed in with a few laps of her own, meaning I managed to reach the end of our challenge quicker than I expected.

So thank you to everyone who sponsored me – and a special thank you to the wonderful Maggie, who is so much more than just a pretty face.