How do you have yours? 12 ways to have pancakes this Shrove Tuesday

Get the lemons, sugar and chocolate sauce in - because pancake day is almost here!

For foodies, it’s undoubtedly one of the best days of the year for a decadent treat - and whether you like them sweet or savoury, we have plenty ideas for you.

This year’s Pancake Day will be celebrated on Tuesday, February 28 so make sure you’re ready for action with all of your ingredients, and a spatula at the ready.

Lemon and sugar: A classic combination. Who can fault it?

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Chocolate sauce: The perfect choice for a chocoholic - and don’t be skimpy with the portions!

Pizza pancakes: A lighter base, but still packed full of flavour.

Blueberry: Fluff them up with self-raising flour and drown them in syrup. Red berries and whipped cream: Great for breakfast - or pudding!

Red berries and whipped cream: Great for breakfast - or pudding!

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Maple syrup and crispy bacon: Get the best of sweet and savoury with this American favourite.

Cinnamon sugar and golden syrup: A sugar overload, maybe. But a good choice? Definitely.

Ham and melted cheese: No sweet tooth? No problem! Make a meal of it with smoked ham and your favourite melty cheese.

Hoisin duck pancakes: Dine out for Shrove Tuesday with this oriental classic.

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Crunchy peanut butter and raspberry jam: Pack it full of fillings, fold it over and enjoy!

Chocolate orange: A favourite at Christmas in your stocking - but a great flavour too! Squeeze in some fresh orange juice and you could even top it with chocolate segments.

Cream cheese and red onion: A proper adult pancake. Enjoy!

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