Horse has well and truly bolted

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Why don’t the local councils understand what’s going on?

If you give planning permission to build supermarkets all around the outskirts of the town, the town dies. There are only so many people in an area with so much money to spend.

People get used to parking free at supermarkets and shopping centres and not having to worry about a £60 ticket.

Heckmondwike is typical example, after years of arguing, Morrisons got planning permission stating that it did not harm town centres but enhanced them. They killed Heckmondwike as a town centre shopping area in 24 hours.

Batley was growing and getting more shoppers following its redevelopment years ago. The council, in its wisdom gave planning for Tesco, which took most of the town centre business and killed a lot of shops within weeks.

Mary Portas may be employed to try and revitalise the town centres, but it’s too late.

Her idea that the supermarkets should pay to try and bring back to life the very town centres that they have ruined is a non-starter.

Does the government think that the supermarkets will pay to bring back the competition that they worked so hard to flatten?

The rot in the town centres has only just begun.

The horse has well and truly bolted.


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