Home-Start charity to host training course for volunteers in Dewsbury

HOME is where the heart is – and one charity brings a lot of heart to homes in our area.

Home-Start offers support to families from all backgrounds, whether parents need a shoulder to cry on, are struggling to cope or are trying to get through a trauma.

And now the charity is looking for people to come forward and volunteer for three hours a week to help others in need.

Families referred to the service can have mental health problems, post-natal depression, relationships that have broken down, children with learning difficulties or behavioural problems.

The only requirement is that they have at least one child aged under five.

For volunteer Andrea Hardman, 61, the decision to join Home-Start came from her own experience of the service.

“I had a volunteer myself for three years,” she said.

“I got a volunteer who lived just around the corner and it was absolutely fantastic, she did so much good. I really wanted to give something back.”

A seven-week Home-Start training course will begin on September 6 at Auntie Pam’s in Northgate, Dewsbury.

Co-ordinator Michelle Steadman is now looking for fresh recruits join the 15 to 20 volunteers working in north Kirklees.

Ring 01484 421925 for information on the training.