Sanah scarred by holiday henna tattoo

NEVER AGAIN Sanah Younis, 7, now has scarring on her arms after a black henna tattoo.
NEVER AGAIN Sanah Younis, 7, now has scarring on her arms after a black henna tattoo.

A mother fears her daughter will be scarred for several years after she had an allergic reaction to a henna tattoo.

Seven-year-old Sanah Younis’s arm became inflamed after she was given a temporary black henna tattoo on a beach in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Now mum Rehana, of Edward Close, Thornhill Lees, wants to warn other parents of the potential dangers after doctors said her arm may take years to heal.

Mrs Younis said: “It’s the second time we had taken the kids on holiday. The tattoos are offered everywhere. If you’ve got kids people come up to you and at that age they are intrigued by it.” Sanah has had traditional henna – which is herbal – many times before with no problems, but the hair dye in black henna caused a reaction. Sanah’s arm becomes itchy, blistered and inflamed when she gets hot.

It was several days after the £10 tattoo was applied that Sanah started to feel pain. Mrs Younis said: “I heard her scream upstairs. She has been a bit teary and emotional.” Sanah wears a cardigan all the time at school even though it aggravates the scarring, as she feels uncomfortable when other children see it. Her brother Kasim, 5, had a similar tattoo done by the same person but had no problems.

Black henna contains a chemical known as PPD which is known cause severe allergic reactions. Sanah may also now have a lifelong sensitivity to hair dye.

Mrs Younis said: “It’s not safe for kids. If I’d have known I wouldn’t have had it done. It’s awful, you can still feel the heat coming off her arm.

“Sanah has been so brave but I don’t want to see any other parent go through this.”