Handover evening at Mirfield Rotary Club

CHANGE: Sue Young hands over the chain of office to Gill Poole.
CHANGE: Sue Young hands over the chain of office to Gill Poole.

Mirfield Rotary Club recently celebrated an enjoyable handover night.

Outgoing president Sue Young presented the incoming president Gill Poole with her chain of office.

Sue Young had a successful year with the club supporting her main charity of Kirkwood Hospice. She presented the hospice with £1,400. Fundraising for Yorkshire Cancer Research was also undertaken.

The Rotary Club continues to work towards the eradication of polio across the world.

Other beneficiaries included donations to Ravenshall School, local dementia groups and their carers participated in a visit to the House of Resurrection arranged and accompanied by Rotarians and carers.

Members of the club visited local schools to speak with pupils about the charity known as International Shoebox Appeal.

The pupils were then asked to fill the boxes with small gifts and over nine hundred boxes were collected and sent to children living in poverty overseas.

The club is helping the Mirfield Arts festival and supported the Round Table at its Mirfield beer festival and bonfire event.

Gill Poole is undertaking her second term as Rotary President.

She has completed several overseas visits as a Rotarian to Nepal, India and Tanzania.