Hair raising displays in Reporter Series!

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Movember fever is in full flow in the Reporter Series offices and I am taking part, honestly.

I’ve abandoned my morning shave but so far failed to grow a daring ’tache like those rugged men of days gone by.

I have even resorted to drinking a Moustache Elixir energy drink, a luminous blue liquid designed to give you a thick lip ferret.

But my top lip has yet to receive the message that it is Movember.

When my moustache does eventually blossom, I have a couple of grooming tips to keep it looking trim, which I will share with you now.

Like the hair on your head, your moustache needs styling too.

Hairdresser Josh Betts, from Mark Betts, Batley, said: “A miniature comb will do the trick to de-tangle and neaten the hair.

“A typical beard trimmer can be used to line up the shape for the outside of it.”

Whether you are grooming a thin Zorro style or a full blown bushy ’tache, a keen eye for detail is key.

“A wet razor will take care of the rest of your beard but for specific styling of longer facial hair you need a styler,” added Josh.

“A grooming kit is the best bet for keeping your tache neat and tidy.”

Follow these tips and you will soon achieve the iconic look of Burt Reynolds in his heyday.