Green light for new homes plan

LAST STRAW The land behind Lady Heton Drive is sure to be built on soon.
LAST STRAW The land behind Lady Heton Drive is sure to be built on soon.

A bid to stop a 32 home development in Mirfield has been dealt a killer blow by Eric Pickles.

The Lady Heton Action Group (LHAG) had applied for the Government to review a decision by Kirklees Council’ Heavy Woollen planning sub-committee to let developers build on the land by Kitson Hill Road.

The group said Ben Bailey Homes’ plans breached Kirklees policy regarding how close new and existing homes should be.

But a letter to LHAG on behalf of Mr Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, said he would not be reviewing the decision.

LHAG member Tricia Clark said: “It seems that we have finally exhausted all avenues open to us. I don’t think there is anything left for us to do now but wait for the bulldozers.”

Mirfield mayor Vivien Lees Hamilton said: “It is a travesty.

“When someone is caught red-handed for breaking the rules, the Government won’t hold up its own rules.”

A Kirklees Council spokesman said: “Last week we received a letter from DCLG to say the application was not to be called in and the notice was withdrawn.

“In the letter it is clear that the Secretary of State is content that the application should be determined by the local planning authority.

“As such the council is preparing the paperwork to issue the decision notice in line with the sub-committee’s decision earlier in July.”