Goodnight kiss is all you need

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A diamond couple has had a best-selling author’s latest book dedicated to their 60th anniversary.

Margaret Hanson, 80, went to school with her future husband, but he really caught her eye when she was on a school visit to the Slazenger’s factory, where Mr Hanson was working.

Mrs Hanson said: “My mum was delighted, she said he was a grand lad.”

The couple tied the knot at St Mary’s Church, in Gawthorpe, on December 24, 1953. They lived in the town for 14 years but eventually settled in Earlsheaton, where they have lived for 30 years.

Mr Hanson, now 81, was a self-employed painter and decorator and later owned a bookbinding firm, the Northern Shade Card Company, based in Bradford.

Mrs Hanson worked as a machinist for Geoff Smith.

Author Kitty Neale, a friend of their daughter Judy, has dedicated her latest book Abandoned Child to the pair.

Mrs Hanson said: “We never go to bed without a goodnight kiss and never have done.

“I’ve never stopped Geoff doing what he wanted and he’s never stopped me doing what I wanted.”

The pair have another two daughters Carolyn and Beverly, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.