Girl who fought tumour selling bracelets in America to raise money for poorly children

THINKING OF OTHERS: Alicia Jackson has made bracelets to sell to raise money for poorly children. (d03051201)
THINKING OF OTHERS: Alicia Jackson has made bracelets to sell to raise money for poorly children. (d03051201)

A LITTLE girl who has been fighting a brain tumour is now reaching out to friends across the globe and doing all she can to help other poorly children.

Two years ago, six-year-old Alicia Jackson had to undergo treatment in America to try and rid her of her brain tumour.

Now she is on the road to recovery, she is raising money for other children with tumours and sending messages of hope around the world.

Her mum Danielle said: “She constantly thinks of others all the time and if she knows they are poorly she gets quite concerned.”

For the last month she has been making bracelets, selling them for £2 each.

The money she raises will be donated to the children’s ward at Leeds General Infirmary where she received treatment.

“It’s something that she is really, really into doing,” Miss Jackson, of Southway, London Park Estate, Mirfield, said.

“She says she is doing it for the poorly children, so they have nice things. Alicia wanted to do her part.”

The idea was first suggested by Alicia’s grandmother, Meg, who has friends in America who like to keep up to date with the six-year-old’s progress.

She helped Alicia to set up the Loving Lissie Rose Facebook page, where she posts daily messages to almost 500 followers and takes orders for her home made bracelets.

Mrs Jackson, of Lees Hall Road, Thornhill Lees, said: “She has a friend in Alaska and she’s got some in Israel.

“They love it. She tells them what she does at school and all the other things she is doing.”

So far the family has raised around £90 from selling the bracelets, which have even been bought by some of Alicia’s friends in America.

She started out by sending cards of support to children with cancer in the UK and overseas.

Now that she has got her own Facebook page, she can send messages online, and get messages back too.

Before going to America, Alicia and her mother lived in Thornhill Lees.

Miss Jackson said: “To look at her now you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with her.”

Alicia will have another scan to check on the progress of her tumour in around two weeks.

“She is so bright and bubbly, people can’t believe it,” Miss Jackson said.