Gardening: 5 of the best garden tool sets

Andrew James Garden Tool Set with Folding Stool and Storage.
Andrew James Garden Tool Set with Folding Stool and Storage.

We look at 5 of the best garden tool sets

Kew Gardens 3-Piece Gardening Gift Set, Stainless Steel, John Lewis, £34.99

This beautifully boxed set from the Kew Gardens collection makes an ideal gift for the keen gardener. It features three pieces in Neverbend stainless steel, with leather straps and FSC-certified Ash handles for longevity.

Andrew James Garden Tool Set with Folding Stool and Storage, Tesco, £28.99

Andrew James Garden Tool StoolWith handy pockets, 5 tools, and a comfortable seat in stylish green and cream, the Andrew James 5 Piece Garden Tool Set with Folding Garden Stool is perfect for any garden.

GardenHOME 8 Piece Garden Tool Set, Amazon, £21.47

Convenient 8-piece tool set for all your gardening needs. The set includes a storage tool tote, 6 pieces of heavy duty gardening tools, and a roll of plant twist ties. All of the gardening tools are made of heavy duty aluminum alloy to ensure durability.

Personalised Blue Gardening Tool Kit,, £17.95

A super gift idea for the budding Alan Titchmarsh.

You can add your child’s name using 12 characters and the spade and fork set can also be engraved with a name.

Give them a little piece of the garden and away they go, planting seeds and little shrubs. The set includes a handy pouch with gloves, a trowel and a fork, and is suitable for ages 3 years.This is a perfect way to inspire any child to have fun in the garden with mummy and daddy.

Gardena Balcony Box, Argos, £16.99

The Gardena Balcony Box is the perfect set for balcony and terrace gardeners. This set includes a trowel, a grubber, secateurs and a hand brush. All of these tools, have room in the spacious plastic box, which has a lid that doubles as a dustpan. The set is a handy holder of everything you need for caring for balcony and terrace gardens