Gambler left feeling short-changed

A GAMBLER felt short-changed when he went to collect his winnings but found his bookies didn’t have the cash to pay him out.

Richard Pamment places bets online using the Ladbrokes website and collects any prizess from the branch in Dewsbury town centre.

But on several occasions he has gone to pick up what he is owed, and staff have told him there isn’t enough cash in store to pay him.

Mr Pamment, 26, said this had happened five or six times in the last six months, when he has asked for sums ranging from £100 to £300.

He added: “Most times they pay the money out, but there is always that off chance that they have not got it.

“I should be able to go down there when I want to withdraw that £150. They should be able to pay out.”

Mr Pamment, of Ossett, now has to call Ladbrokes customer services every time he wants to withdraw his winnings, to make sure his local store has the cash he is owed.

A spokesman for Ladbrokes said branches had a set amount of money based on how much trade they take, and that did not take online bets into account.

He added: “For obvious security reasons shops are encouraged to bank regularly right down to their float level, excluding any unpaid bets.”