Forgotten milk cost me £90

A FINE MESS: Ralph Barber is being told to pay �90 after, he says, he parked in the same car park twice in one day.  (d02021153)
A FINE MESS: Ralph Barber is being told to pay �90 after, he says, he parked in the same car park twice in one day. (d02021153)

A DRIVER said he feels conned after a trip to buy milk ended up costing him £90.

Ralph Barber, 70, was slapped with a fine after he used the car park at Farmfoods in Aldams Road, Dewsbury, twice in one day.

But the company who manages the car park, ParkingEye, said that Mr Barber had parked his car for the whole time in between his two shopping trips.

Drivers are only allowed to park their cars there for an hour-and-a- half, and they are not allowed to return within four hours.

Mr Barber says that around five hours passed before he returned to the car park.

He said: “It’s just a con. I’m not going to go into a car park and overrun the time.

“When I go I don’t overdo anything. I don’t park illegally. Am I going to park in a car park like that for five and a half hours?”

He said that he went shopping at Farmfoods when there was heavy snow on December 1.

The parking charge notice that was send to Mr Barber’s house in Partridge Crescent, Thornhill, shows that he arrived at 12.47pm.

Mr Barber says that he left the car park at around 1.10pm. When he realised he had forgotten to buy milk, he said, he went back to Farmfoods at around 5.55pm.

The parking charge notice shows that Mr Barber left again at 6.11pm, but says that his car did not leave the car park during the time in between.

He recieved a letter asking him to pay a £40 fine before December 19, which would rise to £70 if it was not paid by then.

The charge has now increased to £90, but Mr Barber says he will not be paying.

He said: “I couldn’t believe it. I was disgusted with it.

“It was just out of convenience that we go there, but we don’t go there now. None of our family shops there now.”

ParkingEye has asked Mr Barber to prove that be made two journeys.

Mr Barber said: “If I had realised they were going to do this I would have kept my receipts.”

A ParkingEye spokesman said: “An appeal was received, this was investigated and there was no evidence to substantiate the claim that they were not on site for the stated period. We have requested further evidence from the motorist and to date we have not received anything further.

“ParkingEye was instructed by the client to manage its car park therefore allowing a greater turnover of spaces allowing genuine shoppers to park.”