Firefighters called out to smoke-filled home

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A Briestfield home became smoke-logged after a wood burner set fire to an oak fireplace.

Firefighters from Dewsbury and Mirfield were called to the home at 11.40pm last night (Sunday).

They found the house on Clough Lane to be full of smoke - the cause being an oak beam in the fireplace, which had been slowly burning for a unknown length of time.

Watch Commander Richard Carr, of Dewsbury Blue Watch, said: “It wasn’t a severe fire but it had clearly been burning for a while. The fire was touching the oak beam and it seemed to have been burning for a long while - not just last night.

“Smoke had gone up to the attic and we did a thorough check of the property to ensure nothing else was on fire.

“We removed the beam and part of the chimney breast.”