Fight for fitness is on track in playing fields

A new track around playing fields is already being well used by the community.

The tarmac track in Savile Town playing fields is also helping to tackle health problems in the area, Coun Masood Ahmed said.

The route around the fields in Savile Road was completed in August last year after funding was given by the Dewsbury Area Committee.

Three benches and bins have since been installed by the track.

A rough, inaccessible track had prevented people with wheelchairs and prams from walking freely around the park.

“It’s attracted a lot of people, young and old,” Coun Ahmed, chairman of Dewsbury area committee, said.

“Local GPs are telling their patients to go and use the track as it is just nearby. I’m really pleased it’s being used by people wanting to keep fit and healthy.

“Savile Town has problems with diabetes, coronary heart disease and asthma and this will encourage people to be more active.

“New benches around the track mean people can stop and have a breather if they need it and the bins will help to keep the area clean.

“I hope people continue to use it as much as they can. It may be located in Savile Town but it is there for everyone to use.”

Kirklees Council has previously said there are no plans to put lighting around the path.