Fight continues to get justice for little Summer

James Ratcliffe.
James Ratcliffe.

The granddad of tragic toddler Summer Rogers-Ratcliffe has vowed to keep fighting for justice – three years after her death.

The Ratcliffe family have faced hurdle after hurdle in their quest to find out who killed the 21-month old, who was found close to death in her cot in Thornhill on February 27 2012.

Last July a coroner said there was an overwhelming likelihood that the blow to the head that killed the toddler was non-accidental, caused either by her mother Victoria Rogers or her then boyfriend Craig Sharp. Later that month it was revealed a family court judge had ruled that Ms Rogers caused her daughter’s death on the balance of probabilities.

But none of this is enough to see anyone stand trial in a criminal court – the Crown Prosecution Service say there is not enough evidence. Seven months since the inquest finished, with a lawyer’s assistance, almost all avenues seem to be exhausted – a civil case would cost thousands – but James Ratcliffe remains defiant. “It’s been three years, but we will carry on for 30 years to find justice for Summer,” he said.

He said his family would even push for a change in the law. “A child is killed every single week by adults that are supposed to be looking after them,” Mr Ratcliffe added. “That has got to stop.”

Kirklees Council’s serious case review into Summer’s death is expected to be released in the middle of next month.