Father and sons to lead Mirfield Remembrance

Veteran Dave Horobin who will be leading a section of the remembrance parade.  (d622b445)
Veteran Dave Horobin who will be leading a section of the remembrance parade. (d622b445)

A Mirfield war veteran will proudly step out with his two sons at the town’s remembrance parade this Sunday.

David Horrobin, 57, a veteran of both the Falklands and Gulf wars will help lead the columns at the parade with his two sons, Paul and Christopher, who each followed their father into the Royal Artillery.

David served in the army until 2001, achieving the rank of warrant officer. Since leaving the army, he watched his sons Christopher, 34, and Paul, 32, join the forces.

He said: “It was only once my own sons went into combat that I realised what my wife had to go through while I was fighting.

“When you are out there, you don’t tend to worry as much because it is just your job, but the uncertainty of someone you love being out there makes you so worried. I think remembrance is as much for the families as the soldiers themselves.”

David’s worst fears almost came true in 2010 when a bomb exploded under a vehicle his son Paul was travelling in when stationed in Afghanistan. Paul came home with a spinal injury and now struggles to walk.

“We were so shocked when we heard about what happened,” said David. “But in situations like this, you have to think: ‘at least he is coming home’.”

The parade starts on Sunday at 2pm, with marchers organised into three columns – David, Christopher and Paul will each lead one.

David added: “People in Mirfield are strong-minded – I am sure they will turn out in their numbers and pay their respects.”