‘Families will benefit from this’

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A couple selflessly said “no” to wedding anniversary gifts to help those less fortunate.

Sharon and Dean Weir from White Lee, Heckmondwike, celebrated their 10-year “tin wedding” with a collection – of tins – for Batley food bank.

The two got married at Blenheim House, Batley, in 2004, and wanted to mark the milestone by helping the hungry.

“I first thought about it after I watched something on TV about food banks,” said Sharon. “Instead of being cheeky and asking people for gifts, I thought it would be nice if we could get them to donate cans for us to give to the Batley food bank.

“The response was brilliant – I lost count of the amount of food I was donated, but my car boot and backseat was absolutely full. The food bank staff were really pleased that we helped them out.”

Batley Food Bank paid tribute to the couple on its facebook page, and said: “We couldn’t believe how generous they were - what an amazing and generous idea.

“A lot of needy families are going to benefit from this outpouring of love.”

The couple, who also had an anniversary celebration at Howley Hall Golf Club, say they do not yet know whether they will be holding another tin-drive for their 20th anniversary! To find out more about services at Batley Food Bank visit www.batleyfoodbank.org.uk.