Eyes peeled for fake tenants

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DO you know someone you suspect is living in a council house they’re not entitled to?

Kirklees Council has launched a crackdown on tenancy fraud offences and is urging the public to report neighbours they believe have obtained a local authority home dishonestly.

A tenancy fraud means that the occupier of a home is not permitted to live there, usually due to illegal sub-letting, lying about their personal circumstances or wrongly ‘inheriting’ the property from a relative who has passed away. It is a criminal offence and with demand for social housing increasing, Kirklees is taking steps to ensure its properties are let to deserving tenants.

“As resources continue to tighten its never been more vital to make the best use of the housing available in Kirklees,” said Coun Graham Turner.

“A social housing tenant must give the correct notice to end their tenancy and not leave the property empty or let anyone else live there illegally. This ensures that properties can be re-let quickly to another family. Tenancy fraud is not a victimless crime, and those that commit fraud to access to social housing do so at the expense of those in real need. If you are aware of someone trying to jump the housing waiting list or you are made aware of a property being misused, please let us know about it.”

Report suspicions in confidence on 0800 7311705 or email investigation.team@kirklees.gov.uk.