Eve comes to the rescue of needy dogs

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A 20-year-old student from Mirfield has helped to rehome vulnerable dogs to celebrities such as Duffy, Noel Gallagher and model Sophie Dahl.

Student Eve Moore was “horrified” after her first visit to a dog pound in Cyprus, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and rehome needy dogs online to loving families.

She used social media platform Instagram, under the name @Cyprus Dogs, to begin rehoming dogs.

Eve said: “I set it up in October 2014 and by December I had ended up facilitating the rehoming of three dogs, one to the UK, one to Sweden and one to Germany.”

Then in 2015 she was headhunted via Instagram, by new animal welfare charity Wild at Heart Foundation, and they took her on as their Rehoming Manager.

Eve, who is also a full time English student at Sheffield Hallam University, said: “To date I have rehomed 137 dogs of which have come from Cyprus, Bosnia, the UK, Romania and Greece and they have been rehomed in Sweden, England, Scotland, Germany, Holland, Denmark, France, Monaco and Switzerland.

“I’ve visited some shocking pounds and seen some horrible examples of dog cruelty whilst I’ve been rehoming dogs but it just makes you more determined to do something about it.

“It might only be a case of slowly rehoming one dog at a time but for that dog you have completely transformed their life.”

Amongst those helping to rehome dogs are celebrities Duffy and Noel Gallagher who each adopted a dog from Cyprus, and Sophie Dahl who adopted a dog from Greece.

Eve said: “I think once they saw that these rescue dogs were of good natures and needing homes it appealed more to them than buying a dog from a breeder.”

There are around 600 million stray dogs in the world and in some countries many of them are viewed as vermin.

And today, approximately 1 in 3 puppies are from illegal puppy farms.

Eve said: “It is believed that you often know more about the history of a rescue dog than you do about the background of a purebred puppy that potentially came from a backyard breeder.

“I think this is now coming to light and it’s great that people as high profile as Duffy, Noel and Sophie have made the decision to adopt rather than buy and be an advocate for rescue dogs.”

She added that the most rewarding thing about rehoming these dogs are the vast improvements they make once they get to their new home.

Eve said: “We have rescued dogs that have been skeletal, covered in parasites and with very little fur, and a few months down the line their adopter sends you photos of them playing in the garden with this incredibly shiny coat and looking healthier than ever.

“They go from being abandoned, starved and neglected, to living a completely new life. “Some of these dogs are totally transformed once they are adopted.”