Estate agents are hopeful for future

A Dewsbury-based estate agents says it has seen encouraging movement in house sales.

Simon Miller, partner in Holroyd Miller Estates has claimed that house sales in areas like north Kirklees are still steady

He said: “In Wakefield, we have seen an upsurge of about 50-70 percent in house sales from this time last year.

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“Here we’ve not quite seen the same increase, but sales have improved and things are looking steady here.

“House prices generally are not going up or down at the moment, so it’s probably the right time to be buying a house in the current market.

“Obviously it’s not the same as five or six years ago when, if you had a few quid in your pocket, you could probably buy a house, so things are still difficult for first-time buyers.”

The latest figures from mortgage-lender Nationwide reveal UK property sales are about five per cent higher during the first five months of 2013 compared to average monthly levels in 2012.

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The news comes after Yorkshire-based estate agents Dacre, Son & Hartley announced it had sold more homes subject to contract than at any time since spring 2010.

But, while optimistic about the market in Kirklees, Simon added: “It is important to remember that Dacre has most of its properties in North Yorkshire and north Leeds, which are quite affluent areas.

People will still probably spend £4 on a coffee there, whereas they probably wouldn’t in many parts of Kirklees, and we should be wary of this when looking at house sales.

“The affluent areas are faring much better at the moment.”