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Crow Nest Park after drainage
Crow Nest Park after drainage

A series of setbacks have hampered efforts to refill the Victorian lake in Crow Nest Park.

The lake had been drained for repairs to the lining but when workers turned the taps back on to top it up, the park’s supply failed to generate much more than trickle.

And what little water did make it into the lake quickly evaporated in the daytime sunshine.

Kirklees Council staff even started work as early as 3am to fill the lake after realising their efforts were diverting water from other park buildings, including Dewsbury Museum – but still the lake remained dry.

Undeterred, the council tried another tactic and called on the fire brigade for help.

But the services of firefighters were too costly so it was back to the drawing board.

Now the council has done a deal with Yorkhire Water to pump water from a street hydrant near the park.

Parks development officer Naomi Goddard said: “We all want it full. It will cost more this way but we will pay to do it.”

The operation will pump 4,100 cubic metres of water – the equivalent of more than 7million pints – into the lake.

It will take up to two weeks and the final bill will be £5,289.

Friends of Crow Nest Park member Jennifer Devlin said: “It wasn’t as we had anticipated, but a solution was found and we just hope it will produce a sparkling, clean lake.”

And she praised the efforts of workers throughout the troubles.

“They are wonderful, our park staff, absolutely wonderful,” she said.