Election 2012: Dewsbury West candidate statements

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The following candidates are standing for election in the Dewsbury West ward:


Liberal Democrats (defending party)

Many people will know that Coun Karam Hussain is retiring after many years as councillor for Dewsbury West. I am honoured to be standing in his place.

As a family man and the only serious candidate who lives in Dewsbury West, I am proud my party introduced the pupil premium. This brings an extra £500,000 a year for Dewsbury West schools. I am committed to keeping the SureStart children’s centres open.

Local workers are taking home more of their wage as the Lib Dems are increasing the basic tax allowance gradually toward £10,000 per year.

As your councillor I will campaign for a fair deal for Dewsbury. I want to see Dewsbury get some free parking and the shops get some extra help with rates.

As your councillor I will work with the local police to keep crime and anti-social behaviour under control. The Lib Dem clean and tidy campaign will continue to tackle rubbish and fly-tipping.

There is much work to do in Dewsbury West, there are far too many pot holes in our roads. The Lib Dems would like to see more 20mph residential zones to keep our children and pensioners safe whilst crossing the roads.



I want Kirklees Council to ensure that local people enjoy good services and a decent environment. Our existing councillors have brought forward a number of initiatives, for example, on saving energy use in council buildings, reducing staff travel costs and of course the free element of the Warmzone. All these saved money without cutting services and benefited the environment. 

We also oppose the plans for massive expansion of housebuilding and other development in the Kirklees LDF. We want to see the centre of Dewsbury revived and people living there instead of building on every last green space in the area – the current development plans have no services for the proposed new local communities – yet another indication of how unworkable they are.

I am concerned about the huge cuts to services especially to children and vulnerable adults agreed by the three main parties – I was delighted that the Green councillors took a stand and voted against them. If elected, I will seek to further this work, as well as to continue to argue the long-standing Green policy to split Kirklees into smaller, local councils.



I am writing to ask you to vote for me as an independent candidate in the local elections. I resigned from the Liberal Democrats when I felt that the coalition started to look like a merger with the Tories.

Across the country people have lost trust in the political parties and the behaviour of party-politicians has left people cynical about politics and politicians .

Political parties seem to ignore people’s concerns and often do the opposite once elected to what they said before the election. Party-political councillors vote as they are told by their party and disregard the actual communities they are supposed to represent.

The independent approach is based on common sense. I look at policies on their own merits, not on who is suggesting them. I ask local people what they think and consider what to do on the basis of how it will affect our community.

My priority is to work for the benefit of local residents, giving voice to to independent ideas and concerns. I have been living in Dewsbury for the last 20 years or so and I have friends and family in every corner of it, and I am committed to working for our shared future.



Over the last few months I have been out and about in Dewsbury Moor, Ravensthorpe, Scout Hill, Westborough and Westtown talking to local people about the issues which concern them most.

People are concerned about jobs, increases in the cost of living, threats to our public services, especially our hospital, community safety and the state of our roads.

I wanted my campaign to be about listening to local people and I intend to continue doing that - but I know listening is only one part of the job.

If you give me the opportunity to be your local councillor on Thursday May 3 I will make sure people in Dewsbury West have a strong voice in Kirklees.

In these tough times local people need strong, hard working and effective councillors. I will fight day and night to safeguard our services, bring jobs and investment to the area and make sure our communities are safe and tidy.

I will be honest about the challenges we face and will not make promises I cannot keep.

Working alongside your Labour councillors Darren and Mumtaz, we will be an effective team working hard all year round and getting results for local people.



I was born and raised in Dewsbury and view the town fondly. There are still many opportunities left to stop the gradual decline of the town. One of the best ways to combat this is to have our own separate district council again. This will mean that the money Dewsbury raises will be ploughed back into Dewsbury rather than to aid the redevelopment of Huddersfield. I also support fairer parking in Dewsbury’s town centre. The only party supporting these ideas is the local Conservative Party.

I also believe that the communities in Dewsbury should be listened to. This view was clearly ignored when the current Labour-run council rushed through the Local Development Framework committing to build on vast areas of green belt land instead of being creative and using underdeveloped and derelict land. If these developments go through they will have enormous impact on the roads, schools and health services which will not be able to cope with the huge increase in people. It is not too late to stop.

If you believe in saving Dewsbury from the gradual decline it has been through over the last 15 years, it is obvious where you need to put your vote.