Election 2012: Dewsbury South candidate statements

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The following candidates are standing for election in the Dewsbury West ward:



Adrian has lived with his wife in Thornhill for 11 years. He is a former Kirkburton Parish Councillor and works as a manager for an anti-poverty charity. He has campaigned against the LDF plans for building on green belt and fields in and around Dewsbury and identified that the figures used by Kirklees for population estimates are wildly inaccurate – Kirklees’ unwillingness to listen to local people is one reason the Greens have for years proposed that the huge district, created by the Conservatives many years ago, should be broken down into smaller, more democratic, genuinely local councils.

Greens want to develop our town centre first and protect our environment. We need to create real, local jobs that keep money in our town rather than seeing it siphoned off to big national supermarket chains and other large companies.

Greens support not only keeping the 50p tax on the richest but increasing it to at least 60p, as well as having a higher minimum wage and introducing a maximum wage too. On Kirklees, the four Green councillors were the only group to vote against the cuts in social care to the elderly, disabled people and children’s services.


Liberal Democrat

We need a change to halt years of decline in Dewsbury.

The Liberal Democrats are campaigning for:

• some FREE parking in Dewsbury to help shops and shoppers;

• keeping our children’s centres;

• local power to spend money on roads, street cleaning, street lighting, parks, ranger services, libraries;

• preserving maternity services at Dewsbury and District Hospital.

Liberal Democrats in government have been responsible for:

• helping the low paid who will benefit by £60 per month when the £10,000 starting point for tax is brought in;

• giving pensioners a £9.70 per week increase since 2010 compared to Labour’s miserly 75p increase;

• the pupil premium which has provided huge extra funds for the Dewsbury schools.

We must look forwards and not backwards. I support the plans to build extra housing in Thornhill Lees to relieve overcrowding in Savile Town.

 It is vital to attract new money into Dewsbury. If building new houses also means new schools, new roads and extra health provision that is a good thing.

KHIZAR IQBAL (defending)


I have been your local councillor for the last 14 years and once again I am seeking your support to carry on my work on behalf of local people in Dewsbury South ward.

Over the years I have served the local community dealing with thousands of case work problems for local people. I have secured record investment in local infrastructure, highways, footpaths, street lighting and I have assisted local residents, young and old, and secured funding and improvements for our numerous youth, community and sporting clubs.

Two of the key issues in this election mean that you can change the future of our area. Firstly, by voting for me and strengthening the Conservative Group at Kirklees Council you will be voting for the splitting of Kirklees Council and for the introduction of a new Dewsbury Borough Council that will have the power and finances free from the chains of Huddersfield to decide our own future.

Secondly, a vote for me will ensure that local people in Thornhill will have a strong voice at Kirklees to see that their local green belt is protected.

I hope that my efforts on behalf of local people are worthy of your continued support.


English Democrats

Hey up tha no’s. Another year has gone by and the local elections are here again. I would like to ask for your vote in this year’s elections as I have in the past in the hope that Dewsbury South will get a real voice!

I joined the English democrats because I believe that England is getting a raw deal when it comes to democracy, while the Scottish, Welsh and Irish countries enjoy free prescriptions, smaller class sizes and better school meals, better services all at the expense of the English taxpayer.

I have campaigned many years for Thornhill, be it a zebra crossing at Rectory park which is still needed, securing the green gym at rectory park or cleaning the moat. Helping residents is a pleasure and I enjoy helping anyone.

I strongly object to building on green belt in Thornhill Lees. We must preserve our countryside for future generations. It is part of our rich natural heritage and cannot be replaced.

Thornhill and Thornhill Lees will see thousands of extra people putting a drain on our local schools, SureStart centres, doctors and changing the landscape surrounding Thornhill and Thornhill Lees forever! Maddox - Putting ENGLAND First!



Local elections are about choosing the best person to represent us and our area. That is why Masood and I work all year round and always put local people first. I use the same services as you: I care passionately about protecting our services from government cuts and will fight for better value for money for taxpayers.

We live in difficult times, the government is making the wrong choices; tax cuts for millionaires at the expense of pensioners, privatisation of our beloved NHS, VAT and other increases have pushed up the cost of living by £150 per month for the average family, tuition fees increased to £9,000 and 1,000,000 young people are unemployed.

Ordinary people are paying the price for the reckless risk taking by bankers that caused the deficit - the rich and powerful do not have to pay. Remember, a vote for David Cameron’s candidate is support for his broken promises.

Your vote can bring long overdue change in Dewsbury South, I will provide a strong voice during hard times to fight for our area. Please spare a few minutes of your time to send a powerful message to the government to change their policies.


Trade Unionists And Socialists Against Cuts

I have lived in Thornhill Lees for the last 17 years. I have come to politics later in my life, but felt I had to do something to make a change to what is happening locally and nationally as the three main parties’ policies have become indistinguishable between each others. I joined the Socialist Party to make a difference. I am now standing in the local election under the Trade Unionist And Socialist Coalition against the cuts. We oppose cuts to council jobs, local services, pay and conditions. We reject the claim that some cuts are necessary.

Since I joined the Socialist Party I have been involved in fighting against all the cuts. I’ve fought against the proposed changes to SureStart centres, a slippery slope towards closure, the slide towards the privatisation of the NHS. I’ve also been fighting against the so-called workfare program and the closure of Remploy and I continue the fight against all cuts imposed by this government, to pay for a financial crisis created by the few, now the many are been forced to pay for. It is time for a change for the better. It is time to vote for TUSC.