Slideshow: Boothroyd Primary Academy celebrates Prophet’s birthday

A senior Muslim scholar joined schoolchildren for an afternoon of song to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed.

The Eid-Milad Connecting Communities assembly was held for pupils at Boothroyd Primary Academy in Westtown as part of celebrations taking place around the world.

SCHOOL CELEBRATION Pupils fill the hall at Boothroyd Primary Academy. (D536E404)

SCHOOL CELEBRATION Pupils fill the hall at Boothroyd Primary Academy. (D536E404)

Hafiz Awais, who lives in Batley, opened the assembly by singing a piece of Islamic Nashid poetry.

Professor Shaiykh Allama Moalana Shahid Raza Naeemi (OBE) then spoke about the significance of Eid-Milad and the importance of making a positive contribution to society.

He said: “The Prophet Mohammed is reported to have said that seeking knowledge is not an option – it is an obligation.

“Here in this school you are busy being educated. Your teachers have a commitment and dedication towards imparting a good education to you all.

“He was also very passionate about bringing unity and cohesion within society.”

Professor Naeemi went to encourage the children to be humble, friendly and considerate, and to show kindness and respect towards each other as they were the future of their communities.

The Al-Karam Nashid Group, a musical group from the Jamia-Al-Karam Islamic School in Nottingham, also performed several songs.

After the assembly, a group of year five pupils interviewed Prof Naeemi about his role as a scholar, his work with the government and why he has regular audiences with the Queen.

The event was part of a new partnership between Kirklees Faith Network and the school in Cemetery Road.

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