Power dressing

NEW DESIGNS Asymmetric tunic dress.
NEW DESIGNS Asymmetric tunic dress.

A fashion designer from Kirklees College is hoping to empower women with clothes that allow the wearer to get creative.

Alison Cutts has created a collection of eight interchangable garments, with some pieces having two equally wearable sides.

FLEXIBLE FASHION Roll sleeve tunic.

FLEXIBLE FASHION Roll sleeve tunic.

The designer said her Anabaptise brand seeks to liberate and empower the wearer.

The brand will release its first capsule collection, named Achromania, for the spring/summer season next year.

She said: “This collection provides flexibility, cost efficiency and ultimate functionality as some pieces may be worn eitgher way round, and for day or night – the wearer creates her own aesthetic.”

The designs can be manipulated by fastenings to change the garments shape and style.

Alison, 43, of Sheffield, is in her final year of a fashion degree at Kirklees College.

She said the course has taken her career in a completely different direction.

“I spent a number of years in the recruitment business and found I wanted to do something more creative,” she said.

Alison is planning to introduce her original womenswear label this summer and hopes to sell her clothing to independent fashion boutiques across the UK.

Anabaptise will be her first fashion brand as a designer.

The collection features kimono sleeves, long capes and body con styles, made from lightweight materials including silk, polyester and synthetic mixed fibre jerseys.

The designs use neutral colours, with greys, off whites and blacks, with accents of electric blue to add dynamic colour.

Alison staged a photo shoot with a model last month to better showcase her designs.

She said: “The collection is a vehicle of empowerment for the style seeking individual to silently express her personal creative opinion.”