Positive response to first ‘Educating Yorkshire’

Mr Mitchell, headteacher.'Educating Yorkshire.
Mr Mitchell, headteacher.'Educating Yorkshire.

It’s been back to school week for children across the country – but there’s been a special buzz in the corridors of Thornhill Community Academy.

That’s because staff and pupils were preparing to see themselves on screen as part of Educating Yorkshire, which was broadcast to the nation last night.

Trailers have already put the pupils into the limelight – 14-year-old Bailey Hill has become an internet hit after telling classmates she had shaved her eyebrows off.

Headteacher Jonny Mitchell said pupils were dealing well with the attention. “Some of those who feature more heavily have been very philosophical – they see what’s happening and they’re just laid back about it.”

Hard-hitting story lines in the first episode included allegations of racist abuse and snowballs being thrown at pensioners.

Mr Mitchell admitted to being nervous ahead of the first episode, which he had already seen. “We don’t have a crystal ball but the response so far has been very positive,” he said. “We are doing this for maximum positive exposure for the school – bring it on, I say!”

In January, 64 cameras were fixed up around the corridors, offices and classrooms of the school. Thousands of hours of footage have been condensed into eight hour-long episodes.

The show if the follow-up to the award-winning series Educating Essex, which attracted around 1.7 million viewers at its peak.

Catch the next episode on Thursday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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