More schools apply to become academies

St John Fisher school on Oxford Road in Dewsbury. (D514C318)
St John Fisher school on Oxford Road in Dewsbury. (D514C318)
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Five more schools in North Kirklees are hoping to move out of Kirklees Council’s control.

Heaton Avenue Primary, Cleckheaton and St John Fisher, Earlsheaton Technology College, Boothroyd Junior and Infant School and Ravensthorpe Infant and Nursery School, all in Dewsbury, are applying to become academies.

The schools applying will join 10 others in our district which have already been granted academy status.

Academies are funded by the government, not the local authority, but have more control over their finances, the curriculum, and teachers’ pay and conditions.

Kirklees Council, along with many teaching trade unions, support the idea of schools staying within local authority control.

A spokesman for Kirklees Council said it believes that staying under council control offers schools the freedom and flexibility to achieve their goals and raise achievement.

But he added: “We recognise new approaches to leadership of the school system and to school improvement are needed due to changes in school governance and the increasing number of academies and other more autonomous types of school.

“The council must actively work in collaboration to shape and influence the provision to ensure that the best possible opportunities are available for local children, families and communities.”