‘Dedicated’ pupils boost SAT scores in core subjects

PRIMARY school pupils across the district have surpassed last year’s cohort in the SAT tests.

Results for Kirklees schools show achievements on the rise in both English and Maths at the end of Year Six.

Following tests in May, there has been an increase of three per cent in the number of Key Stage Two pupils achieving Level Four or higher in the two core subjects.

Overall, 76 per cent of children achieved Level Four or above in both English and Maths, while 23 per cent achieved Level Five or above.

Science tests for all Key Stage Two Pupils were discontinued in 2010 and replaced with teacher assessments.

From these assessments, 85 per cent of pupils in Kirklees achieved Level Four or above, while 36 per cent were awarded Level Five or above.

Nationally, 80 per cent of pupils achieved Level Four or above in English and Maths, while 27 per cent achieved Level Five or higher.

In Science, 87 per cent of pupils nationally were graded Level 4 or above while 36 per cent achieved Level Five or above.

A council spokesman said the improvement in English and Maths scores was a credit to the district’s schools.

He said: “The improvement highlights the excellent work that takes place in our local schools, as well as the dedication of pupils and the support of their families.

“At the same time, the partnership between schools and the local authority is one which always strives to continue making improvements.

“We know there is a crucial role to be played in helping children and young people across Kirklees to achieve their full potential.

“This year has now brought improvements in Key Stage 2, GCSE, A-Level and equivalent vocational education.

“We would like to congratulate school staff and local pupils on their achievements.”