A-level results: Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

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The following are the A-level and AS-level results for Queen Elizabeth Grammar School:

R Aggarwal, bi (A*), cy (A*), fr (A), gs; H Ahir, bi, gs; S Ahmad bi (A), cy, m (A), gs; J Allott, bi, bs (A), ped, gs; L Alsop, dch (A), eng (A), fr (A), g (A), gs (A); R Barbour, cy (A), fm (A*), m (A*), p (A*), gs; D Barraclough, bi, cy, m (A), gs; J Bhullar, bi (A), cy (A), g (A), gs; J Bittiner, bi, cy (A), po, gs; T Braithwaite, ad, bs, gy, gs; A Bray, ad (A), bs, des tech; G Bridgewood, ad (A*), po (A*), hy (A), gs; J Brook, e (A), fm, m (A*), p (A), gs; J Brookes, ad (A*), m (A*), p (A*), gs; A Brown, bi (A), cy, mus, gs; J Bywater, ad (A), des tech, m, gs; R Cadman, fr (A), fm (A*), m (A*), p (A*), gs (A); R Catton, gy, m, p, gs; J Charlesworth, g, m (A), p, gs; G Cheung, ad (A*), des tech (A), m (A), p (A), gs; M Cook, m, mus, p, gs; T Cotran, ad, dts, eng, gs; L Darnton, ad (A*), m (A), p (A), gs; J Denison, eng, ped, psy (A), gs; R Durno, ad (A), bs, eng; S Duttagupta, bi (A), cy (A), hy (A), gs; R Farrimond, bi (A), cy (A), gy (A), gs; J Foy, it, m, p, gs; T Garner, bi, cy, e, gs; J Garrett, e (A), m (A), p, gs; H Godson, bi (A), cy (A), m (A), gs; P Goodwill, bi (A), cy, m, gs; A Grundy, bi, des tech (A), it (A), gs; S Hall, dts, des tech; J Hanson-Shaw, ad, bs, des tech; J Harbisher, ad, bs, gy, gs; A Henderson, des tech, m, p, gs; P Hobbs, bi, m, p; L Hogan, ad, des tech, gs; J House, ad (A*), dts, eng lit (A), gs; S Hujwan, it, ped, psy, gs; S Hulley, e (A), fm (A), m (A), p (A), gs; D Hurst, eng (A), fm (A*), m (A*), p (A*), gs; H Jackson, ad (A), eng, po (A), hy (A), gs (A); J Jaques, eng lit (A*), gy (A*), hy (A*), gs; P Jones, eng lit (A), fr (A), hy (A), gs (A); M Kelly, fm (A), hy, m (A*), p (A*); R Knowles, des tech, m (A), p (A), gs; B Korosi, eng (A*), fr (A), g (A), gs; J Lawson, bs, it, rs; A Laycock, ad, p, gs; J Loy ft, eng, it; A Maarouf, bi, gy, psy; F Mahmood, bi (A), cy (A), m (A), gs; J McClelland, ad, m, p, gs; E McGuire, eng lit, m (A), mus (A*), gs; J McLean, bs (A), fr, hy, gs; M Mokrysz, cy, fm, m (A), p (A), gs; A Murray, dts (A), eng lit (A), m (A), rs, gs; A Narendran, bi (A), cy (A), m (A), gs; O Nicholls, ad (A*), m, s (A), gs; M Oldfield, e (A), gy (A), m, gs (A); D Parker, cy, p, ped, gs; T Pickersgill, bi, gy (A), ped, gs; C Roebuck, eng lit (A), fr (A*), hy (A*), gs; A Sharp, bs, ped (A), rs (A); B Smith, bs, gs; J Stead, bs, it, rs, gs; S Taher, bi, cy, gy (A); A Taylor, bi (A), cy (A), l, gs; G Taylor, eng lit (A), m (A), mus (A), gs; R Taylor, bi (A*), cy, p (A), gs; D Teasdale, bs (A*), eng lit (A), hy (A), gs; W Thornton, bs, e, po, gs; O Ufodiama, cy (A), fm (A), m (A*), p (A*), gs; H Vann, ad (A), cc, dts; W Wan, ad (A*), cc (A), hy, gs; D Whiteley, ad, eng (A), po (A), gs (A); M Woodhead, eng lit (A*), po (A*), hy (A*), gs (A*).