Drone snaps breath-taking new pictures

Stunning pictures of a Mirfield church were captured by a drone which flew over its rooftop.

A camera-mounted unmanned aircraft, deployed by restoration firm Maysand, took pictures of St Mary’s Church from all angles as part of a survey.

The company is leading work on a £250,000 restoration project to repair the church’s masonry, roof and bell.

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And it says the technology could revolution the surveying and restoration industry.

Managing director Bryn Lisle said: “The drone was able to carry out a very detailed survey of the church in a very short time frame.

“Given the size and scale of the church the drone was a great tool for the job.

“It’s able to fly and look at areas that would before have been impossible to get to.”

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The church’s roof is 50 metres high and it would normally require a rope access specialist which would have taken about to days.

Mr Lisle said: “This approach is far less invasive, quicker and from a technical perspective gives a much more comprehensive survey because it allows you to piece together different elevations.

“In short, it paints a completely different picture.”

The church was consecrated in October 1871.

It replaced the former church, which was largely demolished except for its large tower.

Mr Lisle added: “St Mary’s is an impressive a church both in size, scale and architectural merit. It’s an important part of the community and we’re very proud to be part of its restoration.”

Matsand is based in Royton, Oldham and has worked on a range of restorations projects including the award-winning Chester City walls project in Manchester.

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