Drinker attacked police and trashed Chinese buffet

A heavy drinker who attacked two police officers and later trashed a Chinese restaurant while serving a suspended sentence has been sent to prison.

John Anastasi, 28, was jailed for 44 weeks for four offences including assaulting a constable and criminal damage, having originally escaped a custodial sentence for grievous bodily harm last year.

Leeds Crown Court heard that Anastasi, of Daisy Hill in Dewsbury had walked free last December after punching a female neighbour in the face following a drinking session in her flat in July 2014, knocking her to the floor and causing her head injuries. He received a 52 week sentence, suspended for two years for the offence and was ordered to undergo a six month alcohol treatment programme.

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However, it was said that in the early hours of August 2 this year, Anastasi was spoken to by two police officers on Westgate in Dewsbury about his behaviour when he was found to be raising his voice and swearing in the street. When he became increasingly aggressive, the officers tried to handcuff him but he broke free and punched one of them in the face before smashing a police car wing mirror.

Having been bailed for the assault, the court was told that Anastasi was dining in a Chinese buffet restaurant in Bradford three weeks later when a misunderstanding occurred between himself and the manager. He reacted violently, throwing tables and chairs across the restaurant and causing £200 worth of damage as well as assaulting the manager.

Mitigating for Anastasi, Michael Devlin QC said: “He is very remorseful, ashamed and embarrassed. The pre sentence report makes clear he does accept his behaviour is entirely unacceptable. Clearly alcohol is a major issue for him.”

Sentencing him, Recorder Kate Tulk said: “The treatment does not appear to have had the desired effect because it has not curtailed your drinking or assisted to behave in an appropriate way. There is an established pattern of behaviour where you are aggressive. You don’t think of the consequences of your actions.”