Diesel spill was dangerously close to river

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Around 200 litres of diesel leaked from a lorry that crashed into a post near to the River Calder in Dewsbury earlier today (Friday).

Dewsbury firefighters were called to the scene of the leak on Sands Lane at about 11.30am.

The HGV’s petrol tank had been punctured when it hit the post.

Luckily the angle of the road meant the fuel pooled up to a kerb and did not flow into the river, Watch Commander Jed Pilling said.

He said the crew used absorption cushions to stop the fuel from leaking into the drainage system.

Firefighters were cleaning up at the scene for around two hours before they handed over to the Environment Agency and the police.

Watch Commander Pilling added: “There was a river very close nearby and thankfully there was no contamination.”

The Environment Agency will now be sending a bill for the clean-up to the lorry company, Mr Pilling added.

The road has now re-opened,