Diabetes services closer to home

Diabetes patients may no longer have to go to hospital for treatment thanks a new community service.

Aimed at those using insulin who need advice and patients with type 2 diabetes who are considering injectable treatment, the Community Diabetes Service looks to offer help closer to home.

This includes the use of GP practices and health centres –housebound patients can receive support in their own homes. It is part of North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) Diabetes Redesign.

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The service will be delivered by two newly-appointed community diabetes nurses, Kathryn Jolly and Jo Bissel, said the CCG.

Kathryn said: “The focus of the service is to provide education and support to practice nurses and other community healthcare professionals, including care home staff.

“Having access to this specialist knowledge will result in improved diabetes patient care.”

Complex cases of the condition will be able to be assessed outside of hospital, making it easier to get appointments and resulting in improved care and less admissions, she added.

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There are almost 10,000 patients with diabetes aged 17 and over in North Kirklees, with an estimated 3,000 patients still not diagnosed.

The CCG expects the new service to reduce hospital referrals by a minimum of 25 per cent.