Dewsbury teen entrepreneur featured on TV news

Mohammed Ali is just 16
Mohammed Ali is just 16

A 16-year-old who has been running his own online businesses since the age of 12 has appeared on BBC Look North.

Mohammed Ali, known as Ali, was interviewed by the regional broadcaster and the piece was shown on Wednesday evening.

The Dewsbury teenager has made enough money to pay his own university fees after building websites for the past four years, and is now designing an app for currency dealers and share traders. He employs several other programmers as the owner of web development company Flaming Sites.

The Look North cameras filmed GCSE student Ali during lessons at Batley Grammar School, where his deputy headteacher spoke about how be balances studying with his business activities, and he is also shown speaking to clients via Skype from his family home. His father Nisar, a taxi driver, is interviewed while sitting on a new sofa Ali bought for his parents, who admit to knowing very little about their son's hobby.

The family also includes mum Nadia and younger siblings Sana and Ahmed - who have a new living room thanks to Ali's £30,000 earnings.

Ali regularly travels from his home to meet clients in London, and is currently working on World Currency Gold Rates, which uses maths and Java language to provide gold, diamond and platinum rates to Forex users and people buying and selling shares.

He has also designed a game, Project 2006, which attracted up to 200 users a day, and hopes his success story can inspire other youngsters to take up programming.

"I want people to know that starting a business at a young age is in fact a really good way to make money instead of asking your parents, and I am from an average family - my dad is a taxi driver," said Ali.

"From doing this myself I can say I have gained the experience to lead a business after my GCSEs, A Levels and university, where I want to study maths and computer science. I already have enough money to fund myself when I am there."

High-flyer Ali is hoping to study at Queen's College, Cambridge, after leaving school.

He Tweets from @modali and his Instagram account can be found @tehalix.

The Look North interview can be viewed here