Dewsbury schoolboy’s brave cancer fight

BIG BROTHER: Louis Brook with his baby sister, Evie. (d15041192)
BIG BROTHER: Louis Brook with his baby sister, Evie. (d15041192)

MOST children have been enjoying their Easter break this week but one boy would love nothing more than to get back to school.

Louis Brook has spent the past year in and out of hospital after being diagnosed with a blood condition in June.

While his classmates from Westmoor Junior School were starting secondary school in September, Louis learnt he had acute liver failure and was given a transplant.

At Christmas, doctors discovered he had aplastic anaemia, a condition where the bone marrow does not produce enough new cells.

And last month, on the day before his 12th birthday, Louis was diagnosed with post-transplant cancer caused by the Epstein Barr virus.

Mum Lisa Brook said: “The nurses say I’m strong, but you just get on with it and Louis is so brave. He never complains.”

And since little sister Evie was born 12 weeks ago, Louis has proved to be a great big brother.

Lisa, of School Lane, Dewsbury Moor, said: “All Louis has ever wanted is a brother or sister. All he was bothered about was me being pregnant and not worrying about him. He says his little sister has really helped him get through everything and made him more determined to get back home.”

Louis is now having chemotherapy treatment at Leeds General Infirmary.

His family will not find out how well it is working until May or June but is already planning for the future.

Louis said: “I want to be able to go and see my friends instead of them coming over for the day. I’d really like to go back to school and see them all.”

The family also wants to do something to thank hospital staff and raise funds for children’s cancer charity Candlelighters.

Lisa, 37, said: “Ever since we’ve come to this hospital the staff have been brilliant.”

Louis added: “I just want to say thank you to everyone who helps cheer me up, especially my grandma and grandad.”