Dewsbury KFC rainforest box claims rubbished

AN environmental group claims to have found traces of rainforest trees in the packaging from Dewsbury’s KFC.

Greenpeace UK said it conducted tests on sample boxes taken from four branches of Kentucky Fried Chicken around the country. It found a box from the Longcauseway branch contained 57 per cent mixed tropical hardwood, which the group says derives from rainforest trees.

A report published by Greenpeace claimed that KFC sources some of the pulp used to make its boxes from APP, a company which gets pulp from the rainforests of south-east Asia.

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Robin Oakley from Greenpeace said: “We have obtained a clear chain of custody that shows KFC buying its products from a company in Cambridgeshire, who buys its paper and pulp from APP.”

But a spokesperson for KFC UK and Ireland said: “One hundred per cent of KFC UK and Ireland’s packaging is either recycled or from sustainable sources. Neither KFC UK and I, nor any of our suppliers, source from APP.”