Dewsbury children’s entertainers celebrate 1,000th party with charity pledge

Joy Wilson with her team
Joy Wilson with her team

A group of children’s entertainers are celebrating a major milestone by choosing to help developing countries.

Joy Wilson, from Dewsbury, and her JingJangJooJong team are marking their 1,000th kids’ party in West Yorkshire by raising money to provide safe, clean toilets for poorer communities to use.

Joy - known as Fairy Liquid to her young audiences - originally started the company seven years ago after previously running a church kids’ club, and she has now been joined by colleagues including ‘Winter Princess’ Sarah from Tingley.

They will be working with charity Toilet Twinning to fund a toilet block for a school in the developing world - thanks to their own love of naughty humour in their performances for children.

“The picture of a toilet, and the presence of a toilet roll - an oft-used prop in our parties - is because to celebrate 1,000 parties and our great appreciation of toilet humour, we are donating £10 per booking taken in the rest of 2015 to pay for a toilet somewhere in the developing world; hopefully a whole toilet block in a school,” said Joy.

The team provide high-energy, child-focused and traditional parties for youngsters with characters Melaballoo, Stephtacular and the Winter Princess making an appearance.

“I was pondering what job I’d be good at that would fit around my toddlers, and I couldn’t have thought of a more suitable idea - to get paid for performing and partying, what could be better?” added Joy.