Dewsbury and Mirfield MP Simon Reevell unveils his plans for 2013

WORK TOGETHER: Simon Reevell.
WORK TOGETHER: Simon Reevell.

LESS politics and more working together – that’s one of MP Simon Reevell’s messages for 2013.

The Dewsbury and Mirfield MP said he hoped the absence of local elections this year would mean people would not be distracted from their work by campaigning.

“It would be nice for local politicians from all parties to approach 2013 as a year when people work together and forget about politics,” he said.

Mr Reevell said it was especially important for people to keep an open mind when public consultation starts on changes to services offered at Dewsbury and District Hospital.

The Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust announced in July that it was considering two options for changes at the hospitals it runs in Wakefield, Dewsbury and Pontefract. It said final proposals would go to formal consultation in January 2013. That has now been postponed until March.

Mr Reevell said: “I hope they can be a really constructive examination of what’s being proposed. It’s for medics to make the case for any changes they want to bring.

“I hope we can look at the proposals subjectively. No-one should be afraid of discussing them.”

Mr Reevell said the ‘sensible course’ was to look at the proposals in detail and ‘then decide what to make of them.’

He added: “These proposals have got to be explained very carefully so that people are clear what they are arguing for.”

Away from the hospital plans, Mr Reevell said he wanted to speak to religious leaders in Dewsbury and Mirfield about the government’s same-sex marriage proposals.

He said he was aware that some Muslims wanted the same exemption from the plans as the Catholic church, and he would speak to people locally about the issue.

“It’s important that government does not tread all over people’s religious beliefs,” Mr Reevell said.

The MP also wants to see more council staff moved to Dewsbury during 2013.

He said he was pleased that some departments had moved to the town in 2012, but thought that was something which should be continued this year to help boost the town’s economy.

“If 100 people extra spend £3 a day in the town, every day that they work then it makes a big difference,” Mr Reevell said.

The MP also hopes to promote Dewsbury as a place where successful businesses can thrive and encourage firms to shout about what they do.

“A business looking to relocate might not look at coming to Dewsbury because they don’t know what other world class businesses are in the area.

“It’s about looking for a way to get the message out there that Dewsbury is a really good place to be.

“People say that they used to make things in Dewsbury, and we still do, things that go all over the world.”

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