Cruel attack on family pet

A BELOVED family pet had to be put down after it was subjected to a sexual attack by a man.

Tessa, the Staffordshire bull terrier cross-breed, was owned by Helen Fisher, who said she ‘screamed hysterically’ when she found out what neighbour Edward Cullen had done to her dog. Last Thursday, Cullen was hospitalised indefinitely after he admitted one charge of having intercourse with an animal at Bradford Crown Court.

The court was told the dog was having trouble urinating and had a rash between its legs after Cullen ‘made love’ to her.

Mrs Fisher said Tessa had to be put down because of her injuries. She said: “She was lovely. My kids are distraught. Everywhere we went, we took her with us.”

A mum of four, Mrs Fisher said that the family had left Tessa with Cullen’s mother, Brenda, for two weeks while they went on holiday.

When they came back, Mrs Fisher and her partner Danny Cleal went to collect the dog.

Cullen, 40, was at his mother’s house when they arrived and admitted what he had done.

Cullen called the police himself, after the offence was committed in August last year, and Tessa was put down one Friday shortly afterwards.

Mrs Fisher, 34, said: “That Friday afternoon, Danny said to me, ‘How much do you love her?’ and I said ‘I love her all the world’, and he said ‘You have to put her down then’.”

Tessa was eight-years-old, and Mrs Fisher had been looking after her since she was a puppy.

Mrs Fisher’s children – Adrienne, 16, Jack, 11, Reece, eight and Kieren, five – were devastated. She said: “They just miss her so much and I want justice for her. He should have got a few years in prison.”

But Cullen, of Mountain Crescent, Thornhill, Dewsbury, was given a hospital order under the Mental Health Act instead.

Mrs Fisher, of Chapel Lane, Thornhill, said: “The police have done their level best. Those coppers that came that night really did fight for Tessa.

“But the justice system – it stinks.

“The justice system, and I, have let my kids down, because they have got questions.

““Everybody knew Tessa. She used to sit on the wall and everybody that walked by, she liked.”

Mrs Fisher said that her son, Reece, would ‘climb the stairs of heaven’ to get Tessa back.

She said: “I try to put it to bed, but I can’t. Eight years I had her. She was lovely.

“It just maddens me that she has got no justice. She has lost her life for something she never asked for.”

The court in Bradford heard that Cullen has a mild learning difficulty.