Triple gun attack on two estates

IN FEAR: Adil Zaki with his family outside the house in Hawthorn Avenue (d13091104).
IN FEAR: Adil Zaki with his family outside the house in Hawthorn Avenue (d13091104).

Three homes have been targeted during three nights of gunfire.

In the early hours of Saturday a house in Manor Way, Staincliffe, was shot at, leaving its front windows and door riddled with bullet holes.

The following morning a house in nearby Hawthorn Avenue was shot at least six times, leaving bullets embedded in the front door and living room wall.

The third house to be attacked was in Conway Crescent, Batley Carr, where a pane of glass in the front door shattered under gunfire.

No-one was injured in the incidents, which police are linking.

Adil Zaki, whose relatives live in the house in Hawthorn Avenue, said it was amazing no-one was hurt.

He said if everyone had been downstairs at the time of the shootings, like they usually were, someone could have been seriously hurt.

Mr Zaki, 40, said six bullets had been recovered from the house, where his mother and father-in law lived with their son, his heavily pregnant wife and three young children.

He said: “They were big bullets, not like from a normal gun.

“I have no idea why this happened.

“We are all in fear and agony over what’s happened.”

Rab Nawaz lives next door to the house in Manor Way.

“Everything was over in five minutes but my wife and I are still in shock,” he said.

“I heard five or six shots, all very quickly like rapid fire, and I thought someone was shooting at me.

“I no longer feel safe in my own home. How can anyone feel safe here now?”

Six men have been released on police bail pending further inquiries, one remains in police custody and another, Tahbassum Hussain, 25, appeared at Batley and Dewsbury Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

Hussain, of Woodfield Avenue in Staincliffe, faces a charge of possessing a firearm. He was remanded into custody and will appear again next week for a committal hearing.