Thief broke into car – for £2

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A THIEF broke into a car to steal just £2.

It’s the latest in a spate of vehicle break-ins in Batley Carr.

Police are now warning that criminals will cause considerable damage to cars to get at even small amounts of cash.

Batley Neighbourhood Policing Team is increasing patrols in the area after a spike in car crime.

Seventeen vehicle break-ins were reported to police in January, compared to 11 in the same period last year.

Many of these happened in the Bradford Road area of Batley Carr, between Hick Lane and Town Street.

The trend is continuing into February as last Wednesday there were three thefts on Mill Road alone.

Between 6.30pm and midnight, the windows of three cars were smashed and property was stolen – a Sat-Nav, a Sony radio and £2 in change.

A police spokesman said the £2 theft showed that thieves would go for any amount of cash or property.

Sgt Samantha Carter of Batley NPT said: “These crimes are perfect examples of the types of property we are seeing being taken from cars in the area so far this year.

“Sat-Navs, radios, bags and coats, iPods or mobile phones and any amount of cash are all easy picking for thieves if people leave them on display in their cars while they are not with them.”

Sgt Carter urged people not to make their cars easy targets.

She said: “If you can see something on display, so can a thief and they aren’t fussy about smashing your windows to grab something for themselves.”

Sgt Carter also advised car owners to wipe away marks on windscreens left by Sat-Navs.

She said: “Don’t leave property in glove boxes either, as thieves will sometimes break into a car just to see if there is anything hidden within them.

“Instead, leave your glove box empty and open, so that it is clear that there is nothing of value in your cars.”

Anyone with information on any vehicle crime should contact the Batley NPT via 101.