Kirklees crime team issue warning after spate of house burglaries

Spate of residential burglaries in Kirklees
Spate of residential burglaries in Kirklees

The crime prevention team at Kirklees police have issued a warning to residents after a spate of house break ins.

Over the last weekend from the early hours of Friday September 13 to 1am on Monday September 16, 14 residential burglaries were reported.

These were eight in Huddersfield, one in Mirfield, three in Batley, one in Cleckheaton and one in Birkenshaw,

Of these five were Euro Profile burglaries where the cylinder lock on a UPVC door has been broke.

Three where smashed glass to enter, on each one the occupant was away from the property or on holiday.

Two were insecure properties, one with an unlocked door and one where the burglar used a bay window to climb up to and open bedroom window.

One was entry into a padlocked shed to steal an expensive bicycle.

Three attempts where burglars did not gain entry- one of these is where resident had snap safe locks fitted, foiling efforts to break in.