Jealous partner tied up his girlfriend- she escaped and ran through town centre to police station

Mark Doherty.Mark Doherty.
Mark Doherty.
A jealous boyfriend who attacked his partner and tied her up after accusing her of sleeping with another man has been locked up for three years.

Mark Doherty made a rope out of the victim’s clothing then used a bikini and the flex from an electrical fan to tie her up after choking her until she lost consciousness. A court heard the victim managed to untie herself and escape from the their home after the attack and ran to a police station.

CCTV footage showed the woman running through the centre of Ossett with the fan still dangling from her arm as she fled to a police station and raised the alarm.

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John Bull, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court that the attack happened on July 26 this year after the couple returned home from an evening out.

Doherty turned violent after accusing the victim of sleeping with another man while he had been in prison.

Mr Bull said the woman recalled Doherty’s hands being around her throat and her being hit on the back of the head.

When she regained consciousness she was lying on the bedroom floor and was tied up by the flex from the electrical fan.

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Doherty left the house after the attack and took the victim’s mobile phone and bank card, which he used to withdraw £250 from a cash machine.

The woman managed to untie herself and fled to a police station. Mr Bull said: “Her body was shaking and her voice was trembling and she was out of breath. On her right arm there was an electrical fan hanging from her wrist.”

Doherty, of Camellia Close, Lupset, admitted the attack. He pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and two offences of theft.

The court heard Doherty has served prison sentences for assault, robbery, burglary and drugs offences.

Allan Armbrister, mitigating, said: “He is deeply ashamed and very remorseful because he admits that he acted in the way he did to humiliate her.”