Jail term not ‘unduly lenient’

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The Attorney General Office has ruled the jail sentence for a man who killed a Halifax Rugby Union player on a night out was not unduly lenient.

Dale McLean was given five years and four months in prison for the manslaughter of Andrew Feather, who died from a single punch while on a night out in February this year.

The AGO has been looking into the sentencing to see if the case needed to go to the Court of Appeal.

A spokesperson for the AGO said: “The Solicitor General, Oliver Heald QC MP offers his sincerest condolences to the family of Andrew Feather.

“He considered the sentence of Dale McLean personally, taking into account all the relevant factors in the case, including the comments by the sentencing judge and, after careful deliberation, he decided that the Court of Appeal would not find the sentence handed to Dale McLean unduly lenient, and therefore would decline to increase it.”

As a result of a similar case, the Secretary of State for Justice has asked the Sentencing Council to consider producing guidelines for manslaughter cases in these circumstances as he rightly acknowledged there is public concern, which is shared by the Government.