Grandad caught twice with dodgy DVD haul

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A grandfather arrested for selling fake DVDs near Dewsbury Market was busted again at the same place three months later.

Alan Murgatroyd was on bail after 500 counterfeit films were found in his car when officers caught him for the second time in June last year.

On the first occasion, an anonymous call from a member of the public on March 17 led officers to Murgatroyd’s black Citroen Saxo, which was parked next to Dewsbury Market in Whitehall Way.

Officers found Murgatroyd, 61, selling the DVDs from the back of his car. A search of the vehicle uncovered numerous boxes of fake DVDs in the boot and the back seat and a list of new and unreleased films that he would have available to buy on the front seat. The majority of the discs had poor quality printed sleeves on the cover.

A further small quantity of DVDs was discovered at his home in Calder Road, Ravensthorpe, after a police search.

A small sample of the seized films was analysed and confirmed as fake by officials at Federation Against Copyright Theft.

Murgatroyd was caught in the same location on June 23, when he admitted the discs were counterfeit but said he had bought them and not produced them.

Peter Hambson, mitigating, told magistrates Murgatroyd was “not a very well man” and lived with his granddaughter, 18, who he had cared for since she was three years old.

His incapacity benefit had recently been withdrawn after his illness meant he could not attend a tribunal.

“He simply saw it as an opportunity to make a quick buck,” added Mr Hambson.

Murgatroyd was given a six month community order with a 15 day activity requirement and was ordered to pay £85 costs, £60 victim surcharge, as well as a £80 outstanding fine at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.