Gang who shot and killed a man in 'gangland murder' jailed for total of 103 years

A gang of criminals who conspired to fatally shoot a man while he was in a car with his mother have been jailed for a combined 103 years.

By Leanne Clarke
Friday, 15th July 2022, 5:02 pm
Updated Friday, 15th July 2022, 5:05 pm

The Homicide and Major Enquiry Team has welcomed the sentencing of the men for their roles in the December 2020 murder of Jamal Nedd, 26, in Huddersfield.

The four were sentenced at Leeds Crown Court today, July 15, after being found guilty following a lengthy trial.

Tabish Ali, 29, of Clare Hill, Cleckheaton, was sentenced to 32 years for murder minus time already served.

Tabish Ali, Hamad Hussain, Sheraz Hussain and Mohammed Bahsim Khan were all sentenced at Leeds Crown Court today.

Hamad Hussain, 32, of Clara Street, Huddersfield was sentenced to 34 years for murder and perverting the course of justice, minus time already served.

Sheraz Hussain, 37, of Clara Street, Huddersfield was sentenced to 32 years for murder, minus time already served.

Mohammed Bahsim Khan, 31, of Kimberley Street, Bradford was sentenced to five years for arson and perverting the course of justice.

Leeds Crown Court heard that Jamal had been in a car with his mother on Ripon Avenue during the evening of Saturday, December 19 2020 when he was shot at by men in a passing car in a targeted attack.

Jamal was seriously injured and later died in hospital from his injuries.

West Yorkshire Police launched a major investigation into the attack and made a number of arrests over the following months in what was a highly complex enquiry.

The defendants were eventually charged in October 2021.

DCI Marc Bowes, Senior Investigating Officer in the case, said: “This offence was no less than a targeted, gangland murder, carried out in an incredibly reckless fashion.

“It resulted in a young man losing his life and could quite easily have ended up causing two fatalities.

“The significant sentences given to those convicted reflect the gravity of their actions in this murder plot and should make clear the penalties that come with the criminal use of firearms in our communities.

“They were eventually caught following a lengthy and extremely complex police investigation in which months of painstaking work were required to build a criminal case against a backdrop in which people were often afraid to speak out.

“These hardened, organised criminals thought they were above the law and their conviction should serve as a reminder that West Yorkshire Police will stop at nothing to relentlessly pursue those involved in serious crime in our communities.

“I hope this conviction and seeing justice done brings some measure of comfort to Jamal’s family.”

In a tribute to her son Jamal’s mother Jennelyn, said:

“Jamal was a much loved son, brother, partner, friend and family member. A fondly remembered neighbour, a talented musician, motorcycle enthusiast and a young man of faith.

“Jamal has been remembered by huge numbers of his friends, by whole communities, by our neighbours, our church, local school, passing acquaintances who remember his happy hello’s and even strangers who have heard his story.

“The cruelty of a pre meditated attack at his home with the known presence of his family, mostly women and children, is beyond anything we can understand for a human being to perform

“Our lives have changed irrevocably, not just for the loss of Jamal, but the deep and lasting effect this has had on those who survive him

“He is a son that cannot be replaced. A partner that will never be matched and a brother that will be longed for, for as long as a little sister lives.”