Drugs seized from driver as Batley police ride the buses to catch dodgy drivers

Operation Tellergate is being carried out in the Batley and Spen areaOperation Tellergate is being carried out in the Batley and Spen area
Operation Tellergate is being carried out in the Batley and Spen area
Police officers from the Batley and Spen Neighbourhood teams are driving this double decker bus around West Yorkshire in order to catch dodgy drivers and issue fines.

Operation Tellergate is being run by West Yorkshire Police in tandem with Arriva buses.

The operation, which is in it’s second year involves a bus provided by Arriva, that is staffed with officers from the local NPT team.

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Patrolling the local area and supported by marked police vehicles, officers aim to video and document various traffic offences.

In just under two hours, nine vehicles with drivers were recorded for using a mobile phone and issued six points with a £200 fine in a patrol of Batley and the surrounding area.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said “One vehicle was in the Cleckheaton area for no insurance and no tax. The driver already has eight points and now faces losing their license.

“A further vehicle abandoned in the Cleckheaton area, after failing to stop for officers. Seized for no insurance, believed to be a pool car.

“Enquiries ongoing to locate the driver.

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“A third vehicle was seized for no insurance or tax in the Birstall area. The driver was reported for summons as also found to be a disqualified driver.

“Finally, a fourth vehicle was seized in the Heckmondwike area, driver again no insurance and no license.

“He was also found to be in possession of a quantity of various drugs which resulted in officers conducting a house search.

"The driver currently on his way to custody, arrested for possession of class A and class B controlled drugs with intent to supply and money laundering. The vehicle was also seized and a quantity of cash and drugs were also recovered.

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“Officers even managed to attend a report of a child left alone in a car in the Birstall area.”

The operation by West Yorkshire Police has proved a great success in previous year’s and officers even featured on BBC’s Inside Out programme.

The Road safety campaign is run in partnership with Arriva Yorkshire. During the operation officers from Batley and Spen NPT, are on the lookout for traffic offences, dangerous driving, failing to stop at a red light and more. All this is documented and recorded through the police officer’s body worn video cameras and dealt with appropriately.